Ahava Village, Project 18+

Ahava Establishes Apartments for Soldiers

A residential building was constructed in 2008 with apartments for former Ahava residents who are now serving in Israel’s military as part of the 18+ program. These apartments are reserved for soldiers, national service persons and demobilized soldiers who do not have families to return to, for whom Ahava staff serve as mentors and support, so that these young adults can have a warm and welcoming home – whether on leave or post-service. 

Soldiers and service members are entitled to periodic home visits, but those who were raised at Ahava do not always have family to welcome them. These apartments provide them with a relaxing and familiar environment to come home to, with the encouragement of caring Ahava staff to help them during holidays, weekends and other times when soldiers are given leave. 

Ahava staff also provide ongoing phone support for these soldiers to call in whenever they need an understanding ear or help moving forward.  This is a very significant, specialized program for which funds are always needed. The military provides basic provisions, but soldiers can always benefit from additional gift items, such as  a heavy winter coat, sneakers (so that they can change out of their heavy military-issue boots), sunglasses, a thick knitted scarf and hat, sunblock, mosquito repellant, and a high-quality sleeping bag. 


Ahava means ‘love' in Hebrew.


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