Bnai Zion Medical Center Staff

Dr. Amnon Rofe, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rofe, a graduate of Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), has been the chief executive officer of the Bnai Zion Medical Center since the beginning of the 21st century.

A physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Rofe holds a degree in medical management as well. He has also served as a consultant for the organization and establishment of specialized medical projects in Israel, Britain and Africa.

Dr. Rofe served in the private sector as the general director for a pharmaceutical and medical supply company.

He is a resident of Haifa and a respected member of the community.

Dr. Michael Kafka, Director of Emergency Services

Dr. Michael Kafka was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1948 and immigrated to Israel in 1949. He graduated from the Reali High School in Haifa and went on to study medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, including a year of internship at Hadassah Medical Center. He graduated from medical school in 1973.

Immediately following his graduation from medical school joined the Israel Defense Forces and served in the Israeli Navy. He served in a special commando unit and gained much experience in battlefield medicine and in the field of mass casualty phenomena. In addition, he was in charge of underwater medicine and hyperbaric medicine in the Navy and gave medical assistance to many unit activities.

During his last two years of the service he served as the chief doctor of the Israeli Navy. In 1976 he was sent in a medical capacity to Egypt with the Israeli delegation to the peace talks.

In 1985 Dr. Kafka concluded his specialization in the field of internal medicine at the Bnai Zion Medical Center. Since then he has worked in the Emergency Department at the hospital and finished his second specialty in the field of emergency medicine.

He is a member of the founding committee of the new specialty of emergency medicine in Israel. In 1998 he became the Director of Emergency Services at the Bnai Zion Medical Center.

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