The David Yellin Academic College of Education

Interview Questions

Name Michal Goshczini from The David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem

What is your title and what are your main responsibilities here?

I am the director of resource development and public relations at the college.  My main responsibilities are maintaining and establishing contact with individuals, donors, and foundations in Israel and overseas for public relations and fundraising, liaison to media, organizing all advertising and marketing, producing the website and college newspaper, and more.

How long have you been working here?   

I have worked here since April 2006.

Tell us a bit about your personal background and how you came to work here. 

I spent fourteen years working as the office manger and personal assistant for the former mayor of Jerusalem, the late Teddy Kollek, at the Jerusalem Foundation and Israel Museum. My mother became ill with cancer and I left my work and stopped working for a year to take care of her until she passed away. Then I saw the ad in the newspaper for this position and went for an interview. I was one of several candidates until they notified me that I was accepted for the position!

What are the most important aspects of the David Yellin College of Education?

David Yellin College trains teachers.  Founded ninety-four years ago, it was the first college to teach teachers in Hebrew. The college offers special bachelor’s programs, a teaching certificate and a master’s degree. It offers retraining programs for academics, instructing them in teaching and treating children with the help of pets, theater, art and music. We also have special programs for training teachers to work with children with special needs and severe learning challenges, and a pre-bachelor’s degree program for students wishing to work in priority areas nationwide. Another really nice feature of the college is that Jews (religious and non-religious), Muslims, Christians, and new immigrants all learn together. 

How has this place evolved since you’ve been here?

Resource development is not an easy field to work in and demands a lot of effort and great patience. If that were all I had to do, change would be much quicker, but since I am involved in many things at the same time, I don’t have much time to deal exclusively with resource development. I have succeeded in producing the college newspaper, in renewing and updating our website, and have produced reports about donations received.  I also sent out appeals for donations to potential and existing donors and foundations and I organize the Israeli Friends of David Yellin College.

What is the most visible mark of the Bnai Zion role here?

Bnai Zion is helping us appeal to people across the United States for donations for different 
projects.   I think the fact that Bnai Zion raises funds for projects in Israel, including the college, 
says so much about the people involved and their concern, devotion, and closeness - perhaps not geographically, but certainly in their hearts - to the people of Israel.

What are your biggest or proudest accomplishments here?

I think it is still too early to discuss my achievements even though I have had some small successes. I think that in a year’s time I will be able to report even bigger achievements.

What do you envision for the future here?

As for my vision for the college, I would like to see the college with a large circle of friends in Israel and abroad, and a large number of donors who will help us expand and develop projects for training the next generation of teachers who will educate our children and our children’s children.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job here?

The part of my work I find most satisfying is the feeling that I am part of a system that is training really good educators in Israel and that I help by raising more money to develop new programs that will advance education and help us offer a better education for new generations of Israelis.

If you could change or improve something here, what would it be?

The only change I can think of is that we should have more resources so we can put all our plans into effect for the good of our students.  I would also like to see a change in attitude toward teachers in Israel and see teachers recognized for their important work and for this to be reflected in their salaries.  I think that education should be our top priority along with security.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working here?

I am a full-time mother and I love being with my son, going on trips with him, going to the sea and the swimming pool, reading and writing.  I write and illustrate children’s books and I hope to see my first children’s book published soo

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