Israeli Consulate Newletter, 5/2011 Texas Jewish Post, 6/2011
Israeli Consulate Newsletter, May 2011 Texas Jewish Post, June 23, 2011
Adventura News, 4/2011 Elite Beat, August 2010
Adventura News, April 2011 South Florida Ahava Fundraising Committee Kicks Off "Mission Ahava 2011"
Aventura News, April, 2010 Aventura News, July, 2009
Aventura Hospital partners with Bnai Zion
Foundation for special exchange program
Bnai Zion Foundation, Assisting those in need for over a century
Boomer Times, January 2009 Russian Bazaar May 28, 2009
Boomer Times in Florida highlights the Bnai Zion Planned Giving program  Russian Division Celebration at the Bnai Zion House in the Russian Bazaar article May 28, 2009
Aventura News, October, 2008 Texas Jewish Post, October, 2008
Bnai Zion Fashions a Heart of Gold  The  Texas Jewish Post highlights Bnai Zion’s centennial in its Rosh Hashanah edition.
Aventura News, July, 2008 Texas Jewish Post, July, 2008
BZ Southeast Regional Director Eileen Glastein speaks about the organization in Aventura News  The BZ Texas Region had many participants on our 100th Anniversary Mission. Read an article about the mission appearing in the Texas Jewish Post
Forward, May 18, 2008 Heritage Florida Jewish News,  May 18, 2008
Forward’s Masha Leon comments on the National Awards Dinner held in New York on May 18, 2008  The Heritage Florida Jewish News reports on our National Awards Dinner that took place in New York on May 18, 2008 
Jewish World, May 2008 Texas Region Benefit, May 4, 2008
Click here to read a fascinating article about Bnai Zion including an interview with Jack Grunspan, Executive Vice President The BZ Texas Region held a brunch on Sunday, May 4, 2008 to celebrate our centennial and benefit Ahava Village for Children & Youth.
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