Introducing Ari Lamm, our new CEO

Introducing Ari Lamm, our new CEO

News  |  February 21, 2020  |  By Stephen J. Savitsky, Board President, Bnai Zion Foundation

We write in deep appreciation of the hard work and dedication of Cheryl Bier who has just announced her retirement. Cheryl has conducted the Foundation with exquisite compassion and professionalism throughout her tenure as CEO, and we are happy to announce that she will stay on for a period of transition, sharing her guidance and deep institutional memory.

Looking ahead, we are very pleased to share with you that Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm will be assuming the position of CEO at Bnai Zion. Dr. Lamm’s vision for the future of Bnai Zion is very exciting, and we are eagerly looking forward to the future that his appointment heralds.

Most recently Dr. Lamm served as Special Advisor to the President of Yeshiva University where he coordinated all strategic initiatives emerging from the Office of the President. He speaks regularly across the country and internationally on Judaism’s leading role in transforming the world at large for the better, and his writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Jerusalem Post, Tablet Magazine and First Things Magazine. You can see his bio here.

We are excited for him to serve as the face of the new Bnai Zion.

As one of America’s oldest pro-Israel organizations, Bnai Zion draws upon well over a hundred years of dedication to advancing the dream of the Jewish people flourishing in their homeland. We look forward to Dr. Lamm writing a new chapter in the history of Bnai Zion, which will launch our beloved institution to even greater heights.