6 Ways to Combat Anti-Semitism

6 Ways to Combat Anti-Semitism

Voice  |  May 5, 2019  |  By Kenneth Abramowitz; Chairman, Citizens for National Security Founder, Save the West

1. Expose incidents of anti-Semitism.

Report dangerous online posts or sharing signs of anti-Semitic behavior with social media moderators (online) or community authorities (in real life). Don’t be afraid to disturb the conscience of otherwise good people who tolerate or ignore anti-Semitic behavior. Non-violent confrontation is the historically-proven method of isolating and delegitimizing social bias and bigotry.

2. Educate friends and colleagues about anti-Semitism.

Many people who aren’t directly affected by anti-Semitic attitudes or content may not even recognize it. Some anti-Semitism is blatant and violent, but often it’s nuanced or coded, like a reference to “globalists” or an allusion to conspiracy theories about prominent Jews in business, finance, or politics. Point them to websites and resources like combatantisemitism.org, which clearly defines anti-Semitism with examples, and worldjewishcongress.org, the international organization representing Jewish communities and organizations in 100 countries, which fosters unity and represents the interests of the Jewish people.

3. Contact policymakers.

Write or call your elected representatives about subtle forms of anti-Semitism, particularly sanctioned anti-Zionist writings and protests. Jews need to enlist advocates in the spiritual and political arenas, reminding them of Israel’s significance and its role in the well-being of Jews in the U.S. and the world over. Consider attending AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). Support anti-BDS legislation in your state. Remind our leaders — and Jews within your own circle — that anti-Israel bias is anti-Semitism in a thin masquerade.

4. Become active on college campus.

Students can participate in their campus Israel Club or Hillel to plan and execute pro-Israel events and educational programs. It is of utmost importance to fight the BDS movement that is making frightening in-roads into the minds of young adults every day. We are at a point where some activists believe Jews should be excluded from social justice causes like women’s or civil rights, and some academics hold Israel to a standard different from other countries like China or Russia. This is clearly both anti-Semitic and wrong.

5. Challenge revisionism.

The Holocaust wasn’t “just another genocide.” The Tree of Life shooting wasn’t just another act of domestic terrorism, although it may well qualify as that. Jewish people have been subject to persistent and pernicious discrimination, persecution, and violence throughout history, and these recent manifestations of that discrimination cannot be brushed aside.

6. Support organizations like Bnai Zion Foundation.

Organizations that fight anti-Semitism are strengthening Israel and the Jewish people. A stronger Israel means a better and more secure world for all Jews, and for all people. Too many American Jews take Israel’s survival for granted, or they fail to recognize its role in combating anti-Semitism while spreading democracy here and all over the world.

Silence, above all else, can be deadly. Don’t wait for someone else to take a stand against anti-Semitism, or hate in any form. Be the role model that other people around you need in order to be inspired to fight back. Remember that by joining the fight against the cancer of anti-Semitism, you are choosing to make a stand for what you believe in. Any and every action counts, whether it’s a trip to Washington, D.C., a tour of Israel, or a simple social media post. Everyone can do something