Study at Bnai Zion Medical Center shows how babies get better care

Study at Bnai Zion Medical Center shows how babies get better care

Voice  |  January 28, 2020

The Bnai Zion Foundation knows that achieving the best care for patients requires caring for the caregivers. According to a recent study conducted at Bnai Zion Medical Center, babies may get better hospital care when parents say thanks. It demonstrated the connection between a mother’s gratitude being expressed and the quality of care given to her infant.

Neo Natal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) are always intense places. New life is hanging in the balance. Medical professionals working in these units are under enormous pressure while working with the tiniest of patients. It turns out, a simple ‘Thank you’ makes all the difference.

Researchers assembled 43 NICU teams of two doctors and two nurses and randomly assigned videos to show to them just prior to running through simulations of common acute care problems in infants. The videos were:

  • Mothers expressing gratitude
  • Thanks from senior expert physicians
  • Expressions of gratitude from both physicians and mothers
  • And neutral feedback from all participants

Turns out, maternal gratitude had the biggest impact on team performance – accounting for 40% of the variance in team information. Improved communications and information sharing directly contributes to improved medical care. Maternal gratitude explained 33% of the variance in diagnostic performance and 41% of the variation in treatment performance.

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