Building the nerve center for Ahava Village

Bnai Zion Foundation is raising funds towards the creation of a $1.5M logistics center to support key functions at Ahava Village for Children & Youth.

“We are the people who get up every morning, come to work, and look the children in the eyes as if to tell them, ‘Your life and your future is our job.’”
— Yoav Apelboim, Executive Director of Ahava Village

Helping 250 child survivors of abuse, neglect, violence, and other familial trauma.

Raising children is no easy task for any parent. Beyond providing them with love, guidance, and support, there’s a lot of complicated planning – between arranging their schedules, keeping them clothed and fed, transporting them to doctors’ appointments and soccer games, and the myriad of other things parents need to organize for their children. At Ahava Village for Children & Youth, staff members are responsible for caring for 250 children, all of whom are actively working to heal from the effects of abuse, etc. It is difficult to imagine the amount work that goes into making all of that run smoothly every day.

In order to give Ahava’s staff the resources they need to provide the best care possible for the children, Bnai Zion Foundation is raising funds for the creation of a logistics center to house many of the village’s key administrative and storage functions.

Supporting the children of Ahava by providing the resources needed to run the village

Designed to help children overcome the stresses of a severely dysfunctional background, Ahava offers a variety of activities and therapies. The village plays a leading role in integrating these children into Israeli society to be fulfilled citizens leading well-adjusted lives – a challenge done on a very limited budget.

Over 198 dedicated staff members help the children of Ahava become happier people who will grow up to contribute to Israeli society. We support their therapists, their caregivers, their teachers… and those who purchase the food that they eat as a family every day; who make sure they have new clothes to wear when they grow out of their old ones, and so much more.

Strengthened infrastructure will help provide a healthier, happier future.

Over 250 children currently rely on the vital services provided by Ahava Village for Children & Youth, with more arriving each year. Once constructed, the Logistics Center’s impact on Ahava’s infrastructure will be felt immediately. In one place, Ahava Village will have stored resources, as well as clean and efficient working spaces for key staff members.

Since opening in Berlin in 1922, Ahava has graduated over 3,000 young adults from its programs. These graduates are far happier, healthier, and more equipped to deal with the challenges of adult life. Ahava Village’s work is more than just healing trauma- it’s breaking cycles of poverty, abuse, substance abuse, and self-harm to give the children in their care a chance for a healthy life.

Ahava Village for Children & Youth

Give Ahava’s children the support they need to thrive!