Safe rooms to protect the children of Ahava Village

Bnai Zion built safe rooms at Ahava Village for Children & Youth, so the children who have come there seeking a safe place can feel secure in the event of an attack.

"I couldn’t be at home because my father and my mother weren’t good parents to me, so I came here. I am happy here, and I feel safe."
— Liraz, a resident of Ahava Village

Keeping the children of Ahava Village safe from rocket attacks

At Ahava Village for Children & Youth, the staff care for 250 children who are suffering from the after effects of years of abuse, neglect, violence, and other forms of familial trauma. For them to heal from their traumatic pasts, it is of paramount importance that they feel safe, secure, and loved. But how can they truly feel safe when the risk of a rocket attack looms over them?

When the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and the Home Front Command advised Ahava to build safety rooms for each family care unit, Bnai Zion Foundation immediately stepped in to help raise funds to ensure the children’s safety in the event of an attack. The children can rest easy knowing that they will have adequate time to reach the safe rooms and stay protected.

Ahava Village is within Hezbollah's advanced rocket range

Ahava Village, which provides a safe home for at-risk youth, is located near the borders with Lebanon and Syria, and within the Hezbollah’s advanced rocket range. It is only 5 kilometers away by air from strategic facilities, such as refineries and other chemical industrial plants. In 2006, during the 2nd Lebanon War, children from Ahava had to evacuate to the southern part of Israel due to rocket attacks. In the event of another attack, Ahava needed to be prepared.

Bnai Zion Foundation built safe rooms so the children who have come to Ahava seeking a safe place can feel secure regardless of the political climate. The youth who come to Ahava require intensive therapy and care – without safe rooms, these children would have to deal with concerns for their physical safety on top of their struggles with emotional insecurity.

Safety and a feeling of security for all of Ahava's children

The safe rooms benefit over 250 children who have suffered abuse and neglect, allowing them to safely and securely receive therapy, begin to transcend their traumatic past, maximize their capabilities, and embrace opportunities for their future. These safe rooms will continue to benefit disadvantaged children who come through the residential program for generations to come.

At Bnai Zion Foundation, we believe that children are the key to Israel’s successful future. We are committed to providing for the needs of all of Israel’s people – especially those who are most vulnerable.

Ahava Village for Children & Youth

All children deserve to feel safe in their homes.