Clothing for Israelis in need

Bnai Zion Foundation has partnered with American Friends of Yad Leah to collect new and gently used clothing for families in need throughout Israel in order to enhance their quality of life. Funds raised for this partnership will enable Yad Leah to sort, pack, and ship all collected clothing in Israel.

“Every time a warehouse volunteer places a sweater or pair of sneakers in a box, that volunteer is making a difference in a life.”
— Jessica Katz, Yad Leah Co-founder

Provide assistance to thousands of families in need throughout Israel.

Yad Leah provides support, comfort, and dignity to families in Israel through the distribution of new and gently used clothing. The clothing, collected from throughout America, is sent to the new Bnai Zion Yad Leah Center in New Jersey. There, volunteers can sign up for a 90-minute Pack-For-Israel Experience. Volunteers roll up their sleeves and get to work sorting, folding, and packing clothing to be sent to needy families all over Israel. Bnai Zion is working with supporters and members of the community at large to organize community clothing drives and volunteer visits at the Yad Leah warehouse. We are also collecting funds to help with the process of sorting, packing, and shipping the clothing to Israel.

Fighting the indignities of poverty with love and compassion.

Yad Leah sends containers to Israel about 6 times a year, and each Yad Leah location gets deliveries about 3 times a year. They have to make the clothing last from delivery to delivery, and many communities rely very heavily on the support that Yad Leah provides. If there is demand for the clothing before another shipment comes in, the location may run out. Increasing funding to Yad Leah would allow them to send more frequent shipments to all of those in need. Bnai Zion Foundation’s ongoing partnership with Yad Leah threads Bnai Zion’s mission of demonstrating our love for the people of Israel into the very clothing it will now be providing to help change the lives of people across Israel.

Over 10,000 people receive over 7,000 boxes of clothing

Over 10,000 people’s lives are improved by the over 7,000 boxes of clothing Yad Leah sends to Israel every year – worth approximately 5 million dollars. All this is accomplished through the hard work of a very small staff and over 1,000 yearly volunteers. The clothing reaches thousands of needy families in Israel through a network of over 20 thrift shops. Each shop serves the needs of the entire family, providing clothing for school, work, synagogue, and the holidays. Yad Leah also helps young couples set up their homes with linens, towels, and clothing to begin their married lives.

Yad Leah supports families in Israel through the distribution of new and gently used clothing.