Accessible apartments within the mainstream community

People with disabilities deserve to be included in all aspects of Israel’s communities. By securing long-term leases on apartments in Jerusalem, Bnai Zion and Israel Elwyn can make the necessary accommodations for people with disabilities to live in the community.

"We pass the time talking to each other, have discussions with each other, until about 9:30, 10:00, and then we have to – how do you say it in Yiddish? – Shluffen, go to sleep."
— Moshe Tourjman, resident at Israel Elwyn’s supported apartments

Helping people with disabilities to live in mainstream communities

For years, inclusion of people with disabilities in the wider community has been a tenet of Bnai Zion’s work and our support of Israel Elwyn, a multi-service agency providing support to more than 4,700 children and adults with disabilities throughout Israel. We are raising funds to create the infrastructure that will enable a group of current residents of the Supported Living Services to move to six apartments in the general community. These residents are 45- to 55-years-old, considered seniors in the world of intellectual and developmental disability. As they have lived most of their lives in a large residential setting, they will need a range of supports and accommodations to allow them to make the transition to the community as strong and independent individuals.

Providing accessible housing to people with disabilities among the general population.

Bnai Zion and Israel Elwyn regard the ongoing move of residents from the Supported Living Services to the community as a high priority goal. To achieve this, Israel Elwyn requires resources to rent or purchase, as well as renovate and furnish, apartments in the community in addition to those already owned and operated by its Community Living Services. Resources are also required to train and prepare the residents, their families and professionals for the move from life on a large residential campus to an apartment in the community.

Moving residents from a large, residential facility to truly inclusive communities.

Each apartment will be home to 6 – 8 residents and will be fully accessible, enabling individuals in wheelchairs to easily open and pass through doors and move more easily within and outside the apartment. Emphasis will be placed on providing comfort, security, and privacy to the elderly residents to allow for an enhanced quality of life.

Israel Elwyn provides housing services for over 280 adults with intellectual and other disabilities requiring varying levels of care. Founded in 1984, Israel Elwyn now serves more than 4,700 children and adults with disabilities living throughout Israel every day.

Building inclusive and accessible communities for all of Israel’s people.