Expanding resources for Ma’ale Adumim’s aging population

Bnai Zion is raising funds to expand the Yuvalim Center, the only senior center in the Ma’ale Adumim region, so it can better serve the growing elderly population in the region. Currently, only a small portion of the area’s over 4,000 seniors can benefit from the Yuvalim Center’s programs.

“Yuvalim gave me a reason to live! It gave me faith that there are people in the world who are there to help me.”
— "Marina," an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor and member of the Yuvalim Center

Expanding the only senior center in the area

Ma’ale Adumim is a rapidly expanding city of 42,000, located near Jerusalem, and serves as a social and cultural anchor for surrounding communities. This growing population includes over 4,000 seniors – over 700 of whom are Holocaust survivors. The care and dignity of the elderly population in Ma’ale Adumim has always been a high priority, which is why Bnai Zion Foundation is working with the government of Ma’ale Adumim to expand the Yuvalim Center — the only senior center in the area— so it can better serve the area’s growing elderly population.

A haven for 150 Holocaust survivors

The seniors who will benefit most from this expansion spend a large part of their lives at the center, as many of them do not have family living nearby. The Yuvalim Center also serves as a haven for over one hundred of the area’s Holocaust survivors who are completely reliant upon the essential services supplied by the center. One such service is Café Europa, Yuvalim’s support/social group for Holocaust survivors, which provides them with an outlet to talk about their experiences with people who will truly understand them.

Of the 4,000 senior citizens living in the area, the Yuvalim Center can only accommodate 750 members in its current form, and only 150 of the 740 recognized Holocaust survivors living in Ma’ale Adumim are currently members. We are dedicated to helping support as many seniors and Holocaust survivors as possible.

Building expansion is necessary to provide essential services

With more space, the center will be able to expand its membership to ensure widespread access to its various activities, including exercise classes, arts & crafts, social programming, and educational programs, offered in Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian to serve the needs of the population.

All Jewish holidays are celebrated at the center, which also offers 6 day trips and 2 longer trips to interesting venues across the country each year. The staff places considerable focus upon the daily well-being of the elderly with physical and mental disabilities who are brought to the center to participate in activities and receive a hot meal.

Help the Yuvalim Center expand essential services for seniors, including hundreds of Holocaust survivors.

This project is supported by the Jewish Federation of Broward County.